Marketing Strategies:
Brand Awareness

You have a great brand – a desirable product or service, but if nobody knows about it, then it doesn’t do you or anyone else any good. Brand awareness determines the effectiveness of your marketing efforts at a point before you actually launch an advertising or marketing campaign, then measuring the change of that awareness after your campaign concludes. If done well, and targeting the right audience, your marketing efforts will increase awareness and ultimately bring you new customers.

Pugh Impact Marketing will evaluate your brand through a SWOT analysis to determine both actual and perception for your audience and the audience you desire to reach.

Marketing Strategies: Branding and Identity

From the first exposure to your business – whether in-person or a postcard in the mail – an impression is made between you and your audience. Sometimes an employee’s bad day or a poorly printed piece of mail, can and will reflect on your business and the identity that becomes associated.

Pugh Impact Marketing’s branding process assures a visual identity that reflects your business’ culture, and is consistent across all forms of communication to ultimately define your brand.

Marketing Strategies:
Logo and Identity Development

Your logo is crucial to your overall brand, and it’s important to have a mark that signifies the importance of what you’re doing and what you’re all about. Once your logo is established, you need to make sure it’s used in all materials including your website, business cards, letterhead, ads, brochures and emails – and anything else you may use to correspond with your audience.

At Pugh Impact Marketing, we can review, enhance or develop your logo through a strategic and creative process to reflect your brand.

Marketing Strategies: Marketing Plans

Marketing is an exciting process and one that lends itself to creativity, enthusiasm and innovation which leads to happy, satisfied customers (both existing and new) and ultimately in an increase in sales. However, before a Marketing Plan can be developed and implemented a thorough assessment and preparation must be done. A review and analysis of internal and external forces needs done.

This is where Pugh Impact Marketing can help. Our team is ready to develop a plan and craft the innovation and creativity which is a part our integrity marketing programs. We carefully analyze your challenges, your position in the industry and your goals to create and implement appropriate strategies which support your business objectives.

Print Advertising

Regardless of economic times and growth of Internet, it is believed that advertising through print media brings a definite competitive advantage including tangibility, credibility, targeted, engaging and reinforces your brand. Additionally, it can bridge the gap between print and web advertising when placing QR codes on the pieces.

Pugh Impact Marketing can provide you with the following print advertising services:

♦  Brochures (See examples below.)

♦  Display advertising in magazines, trade publications and newspapers

♦  Outdoor advertising on billboards, banners and signage (See examples below.)

♦  Direct Mail (See examples below.)

♦  Postcards (See examples below.)

The Charm of Dresden2012XMas_Billboard_FINAL Bishop_Billboard2 Pandora_Billboard_FINAL

Billboards & Banners

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BishopPreSchool_Brochure-1 HOPE_Brochure2-1


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Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail has always been one of the best forms of targeted advertising – reaching your desired audience through a defined strategic approach. Each direct mail campaign can be tailored to meet individual needs or buying habits. Additionally, each piece can be customized to include names and other personal information. This personalized touch has been very effective in conveying your message through a wide variety of formats including postcards, brochures, catalogues and letters. Lastly, results of direct mail campaigns can be measured without complication by simply counting the number of inquiries or coupons redeemed.

Pugh Impact Marketing can prepare complete direct mail campaigns for you from start to finish including writing the content, acquiring mailing lists, printing and mailing.

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2012CostumerAppDays_Postcard7-1 MAJAMemberDrive_Postcard


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Every business offering either goods or services could benefit from a good copywriter that can integrate their message through all mediums. At Pugh Impact Marketing, we will recognize and identify the benefits of your products and services through messaging. We will address your customers and clients directly by using appropriate language and style. We will also ensure that your copy sells to your audience and provides the information that your customers need. Your marketing copy must answer their questions, capture their imaginations, and remove their doubts!

Graphic Design

For your business to look professional and to attract customers to want to do business with you, it is crucial to have your design work done by an experienced and talented professional graphic designer.  We can provide you with high quality graphic design services for your marketing, advertising, promotional items, packaging and website – all of which would reflect your brand.

Please see our Print Advertising section for examples.

Public Relations

In Marketing, PR is one of the most underused tools at your disposal and it has the potential to provide you with thousands of dollars worth of free advertising in the form of articles being written about you in newspapers, magazines, trade publications or public service announcements on the radio. If you want a PR campaign that generates results, we can help you!

Online Marketing: Website Development

Today, most businesses need a website, no matter the size or industry.  A professionally designed website can help increase your visibility and establish credibility. Whether you are looking for a custom designed website or enhancing your existing site, our web design and development experts can help.

Online Marketing: Hosting and Domain Names

At Pugh Impact Marketing, web hosting for your new or existing website as well as domain name registration services has never been easier. Besides these basic website services, we also offer many others services that promote your business.

Online Marketing: Search Engine Optimization

We help improve search engine rankings for our clients by modifying their website to better reflect what search engines are looking for. Additionally, we provide customized solutions for your site to deliver long-term results by pairing site optimization with tactics to create strategies that are effective and won’t falter over time.

Do you want to reach that first page of search results – of which 90% of the users will click from?

Online Marketing: Search Engine Marketing

With more consumers turning to E-Commerce, Search Engine Marketing has become vital for today’s businesses to survive. Pugh Impact Marketing will prepare a Search Engine Marketing Plan that defines the search engine marketing strategy, optimum mix of search media, web site content and functionality to give your web site and search engine marketing program the maximum online potential.


Alex&Ani_Blast2 LuLu&Max_Blast PIM_Blast_CoshoctonChamber

Online Marketing:
Email Marketing

An alternative marketing approach that is effective and affordable – email marketing!  Your customers are in their inbox every day – shouldn’t you be there too – at least once or twice a week?!  With email marketing you’re sure to reach them—which means more people through your front door, more on-line purchases, more calls, and more revenue for you.

Pugh Impact Marketing will create, send, and track your messages to your audience as part of your overall Marketing Plan.

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Online Marketing: Social Media

Pugh Impact Marketing focuses on leveraging social media to facilitate greater brand awareness – adding value to your brand for a relatively low cost. This gives you the opportunity to uniquely create and control your message for public consumption across multiple platforms. 1.43 Billion people are on social networks – you should be too!

Online Marketing: Blogs

Blogging is becoming more and more popular every day. Should you join the blogosphere?  Whether you offer a product or service, there are two main reasons why you need to blog. First, blogging is a great way to help market or promote yourself or your business, product or service. Second, blogs are wonderful tools to help you establish yourself as the expert in a field or topic, and can help legitimize your expertise and expand your online presence and platform. Pugh Impact Marketing can handle the blogging for you – so no need to wonder how you would balance it all!

Online Marketing: SMS Marketing

Marketing through cell phones (SMS Marketing – Short Message Service) is becoming increasingly popular each day as it is a solution for enhancing customer loyalty and boosting business profitability. Why? Because it communicates your message immediately for mere pennies per person. Studies show texts are opened within 30 seconds of being sent. Text campaigns can work alone or in conjunction with an advertising plan. Pugh Impact Marketing can create, send and track your text message!



Radio Advertising

As part of your advertising mix, you need to be on the radio. In fact, close to 90% of the population listens to the radio. Also, you can target your message to your audience. Each radio station is operated with specific market segments in mind, so despite there being many radio stations nationwide there are particular stations that target your market.

From determining which station would be best for your business to writing and producing the commercial to placing the media buy, Pugh Impact Marketing will make sure that your radio commercial strategically fits within your marketing plan.

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Roscran_VideoStill BridalWSEO_VideoStill

Television Advertising

Advertising on television offers numerous benefits by incorporating sound, images and movement to make the whole package interesting and entertaining for consumers. An ad that effectively captures the attention of the audience can get consumers talking which in turn reaffirms the advertising message. Additionally, cable advertising allows businesses to target very specific geographic areas at a much lower cost than major network advertising.

If you want a unique and catchy commercial, aired on the right stations and networks, then contact us today to handle all the details for you!


HER_Bday_AprilCard2013-1 HIS_BdayCard_Aug2013-1 Pughs_cash Charm_ReferralCard AnniversaryCard_July2013-1

Customer Loyalty Programs

I’m sure you have heard the concept make new friends, but keep your old ones close. In business, we know that is crucial as it’s much cheaper to keep the customers you have than to obtain new ones. Results vary by study, but it is estimated that it costs anywhere from 5 to 20 times as much to get new customers than to keep the ones you have. Therefore, we know it is very important and wise to develop customer loyalty programs to foster that existing relationship. From birthday and anniversary programs to unique shopping events and reward programs, we need to take care of the customers you have to ensure their loyalty to you.

Pugh Impact Marketing will develop customer loyalty programs designed to reward and recognize your customers and clients while strategically using value-added techniques to maximize your return on investment.

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2012LadiesNight_Friday-1 ScratchOff_Card-1

Promotional Events

As a retailer, you don’t want your store to become one of those lackluster shopping experiences. A great way to avoid becoming mundane is by strategically planning promotional events for your retail store. Now we’re not talking about just a twice-a-year markdown sale, we mean a well thought through promotional event that will drive traffic and sales for you! Leave the promotional event planning to us as we determine a promotion that fits your industry, target audience and your business goals!

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